Danielle Jade Roller + Plush Headband Set

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Danielle Creations Jade Roller & Plush Headband Set is ideal for gifting to a loved one or to yourself. This relax and pamper set contains a Jade Roller and a super soft plush headband.
The Jade Facial Roller improves skin elasticity in seconds. The Jade stone helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, whilst the gentle pressure promotes blood circulation, also boosting collagen and helping to reduce puffiness. Over time, your skin should appear lifted and more radiant.
The Plush Headband is made from super soft fabric that feels great on the skin and tucks away stray hairs for any beauty routine such as facials, makeup, or tweezing.
1x Jade Roller & 1x Plush Headband.
Large and small roller heads in one.
A massager for face, temples and around the eyes.
Revives the look of puffy eyes.
Super soft headband.
Ideal gift idea.
Directions for Use:
Pull hair back with the Plush Headband. Wash face and dry thoroughly. Apply 1-2 layers of moisturising serum, gel or cream. Use the Roller for 3-5 minutes to stimulate the skin. Gently roll back and forth from the inner to outer corners.
Use the large roller end on cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. Use the small roller for smaller areas like lips and under-eyes.
To wash rinse with mild soap in warm water and lay flat to dry.