Filorga Lift Sheet Mask

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Discover FILORGA Lifting Sheet Mask - the power of a serum concentrated into a new-generation mask for a surprising anti ageing effect in just 15 minutes.

Twofold lifting effect - The first time Laboratoires FILORGA has used Plasmatic Lifting Factors in a mask, for features that are visibly more taut and skin that is plumped up.

Intensive anti-ageing action - a powerful antioxidant for more youthful-looking skin. Skin-lifting technology: this new breed of biocellulose allows you to apply the mask as an ultra-refreshing second skin that delivers potent active ingredients.
Once open, remove the mask from the sachet and unfold it, gently peeling away the mesh layer to reveal the jelly-textured side which then goes straight on to a clean face.

Once down, take care while removing the top protective film. Allow it to work for at least 15 minutes, remove and then massage any extra product in to the decolleté, neck and face in sweeping upward strokes.

No-rinse single use mask. Apply 3 times a week.