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Filorga OPTIM-EYES Filorga Essentials Set is a set regrouping 3 Filorga best-sellers around the Optim-Eyes 3-in-1 eyes contour.

- Filorga OPTIM-EYES 3-in-1 Eye Contour 15ml is a triple action look care to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles in only one gesture:

  • Dark-circles: a complex of Matrikines-Chrysin promotes the elimination of pigmented residues to reduce dark-circles colouration,
  • Puffiness: powerful peptides act on micro-circulation to diminish the volume of puffiness,
  • Wrinkles: a trio of smoothing active ingredients based on Hesperidin relaxes the eye contour.

Look is fresh and visibly relaxed. Its moisturising texture is fresh and melting.

- Filorga MESO-MASK Anti-Wrinkle Lightening Mask 15ml (Free) beautifies the skin by providing it light and radiance. It treats wrinkles and removes the signs of tiredness.

Rhamnose polysaccharide soothes the irritations, evens and brightens the complexion instantaneously and durably. NCTF, heart of exclusive formula, stimulates the cellular activity and collagenic production.

A delicate cream texture for unique moment of relaxation. The skin is plumped, radiant of health and freshness.

- Filorga OPTIM-EYES Patch 2 Patches is a triple action care in new generation patch texture for a relaxed look in 15 minutes only.

These patches act at several levels:

  • dark-circles thanks to an active rich in polysaccharides and in Vitamin PP which stimulates and helps the restructuration of blood capillary to brighten the dark-circles.
  • puffiness thanks to Witch Hazel and Cornflower that decongests and soothes to reduce the puffiness.
  • wrinkles thanks to a relaxing molecule that smooths the skin to smooth out the eyes.

Immediately the eyes seem relaxed, look is fresher and seems younger.

Made in France.