FILORGA Time Filler Eye Cream

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FILORGA Time-Filler Eyes is a correcting eye treatment inspired by the latest medical techniques for younger and wider looking eyes.

- Wrinkles: An active ingredient combined with a powerful peptide smoothes out expression lines and evens out the skin from within.
- Eyelids and lashes: A lifting complex combats the sagging of the upper eyelids. In parallel, a matrikine boosts the volume of lashes.
- Under-eye hollows and dark circles: Latest-generation plumping spheres fill up hollow areas. A plant-based complex combined with a peeling-like active ingredient makes dark circles fade away.

As each day passes, wrinkles are smoothed, eyelids are firmer and dark circles fade. The eyes look wider.


Apply FILORGA Time-Filler Eyes every morning and/or evening. A small amount will suffice. Dot gently around the contours of the eye, taking care not to forget the upper eyelid and the root of the lashes.