Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor

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This revolutionary new razor erases hair instantly and painlessly, anytime, anywhere, without the irritation that comes with ordinary razors.

Unlike traditional razors, the NuRazor employs a revolutionary new blade design boasting more than 200 hair removing contact points, each with diamond-like cutting precision. This breakthrough blade rests beneath the signature Flawless 18 karat gold-plated head and is gentle on all skin types. The blade sits atop a comfortable, ergonomically balanced handle designed to make slips-and-nicks, cuts-and-bumps, a thing of the past. The pivoting head floats over and around every curve while deploying thousands of hair removal strokes per pass for a premium shave experience. There’s an LED light so you never miss a hair.

Eco-friendly, NuRazor is rechargeable and, because it’s a dry shave, helps conserve our planet’s most precious natural resource – water. It’s instant, painless, and perfect for ALL ages (women 13+).

Flawless NuRazor. Delivering our most superior dry-shave experience yet.