Hay Band (Adult Size)

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Enjoy your summer the natural way!

Hay-Band Hay Fever Relief Band is a drug-free way of getting relief from hay fever and allergic rhinitis. 

Using ancient Chinese principles of acupressure, Hay-Band has been developed to stimulate the LI-11 pressure point in the arm. This point has been used for centuries to help treat the symptoms of allergies, including hay fever.  

Hay-Band does not cause drowsiness or have any other side-effects and is completely drug free.  The band is reusable and fast acting so you can enjoy your summer the natural way.

The Hay-Band* is a drug free non-invasive product. As such, it can be used by both adults and children (over 3 years) without any side-effects.

PREGNANCY - The LI-11 pressure point has been used to aid the onset of labour so the Hay-Band* should NOT be worn during pregnancy.

Size Guide: 15cm-40cm