Seoulista Beauty Glossy Locks Hair Mask

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Bring damaged hair back from the brink with K-beauty brand Seoulista’s Glossy Locks™ Hair Mask. A one-stop solution for refining stressed-out locks with hard-working ingredients, it works to improve softness, silkiness and shine.

Featuring a blue treatment cap with a customisable seal tab to catch wet drips, the masque is designed to be applied to just-shampooed damp hair. Generously infused with an intensive serum containing camellia oil, hydrolysed keratin and unique Lipoplex™ complex to condition, improve elasticity and nourish your scalp and lengths. Hyaluronic acid locks in lasting moisture, while powerful antioxidants pomegranate, blueberry and rice bran defend against daily damage.

Strong, hydrated and lustrous hair is only 15 minutes away.

Suitable for all hair types, perfect for dry and damaged. Sulphate-free.