Tisserand Real Calm Discovery Kit

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Tisserand Real Calm Discovery Kit contains Real Calm Massage Body Oil for the mind and body, Real Calm Mood Fix Mist and Real Calm Pulse Point Roller Ball, all expertly blended with 100% natural pure essential oils. Includes Lavender to help reduce stress and anxiety, uplifting Bergamot to increase positive mood, and Patchouli to create feelings of relaxation. This real calm discovery kit is the perfect gift for someone who needs to take time out for themselves, or would benefit from slowing down.


Real Calm Massage And Body Oil - Warm between palms and massage into the skin with gentle sweeping movements.

Real Calm Moodfix Mist - Spray around your space and settle your senses.

Real Calm Pulse Point Roller Ball - Roll onto pulse points, temples, neck and wrists or behind the ears.