Uriage Eau Theramle Nasal Spray

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The new medical device with Thermal Water from the French Alps which unblocks the nose naturally. 100% natural, Uriage Thermal Water respects the integrity of the nasal mucous and supplies trace elements and minerals. It is recognised for its multiple benefits in ENT and is used as a thermal cure at the Uriage-les-Bains Thermal Centre. The Uriage nasal spray can be used for daily nasal hygiene and also when you have a cold or rhinitis.

Unblocks the nose naturally

It gently clears the nasal cavities and makes nose blowing easier when suffering from an allergy or infection.

It moistens and clears nasal mucous

Composed of 100% soothing Uriage Thermal Water, it takes care of the nasal mucous naturally on a daily basis.

This medical device is a regulated health product that bears, in accordance with applicable provisions, the CE marking. Read the instructions before use.