About Us



Doors First Open

On the morning of May 1st 2014, the McCartan's Pharmacy  doors swung  open  to  the  public. Although the initial team was small, we made it our mission from the outset to provide the highest level of care for our customers.


First script arrives into the dispensary

Later in the morning of May 1st, 2014, the McCartan's Pharmacy received its first script, hand delivered by Dan McCartan.


First deliveries roll out

In the afternoon of May 1st, 2014, the first McCartan’s Pharmacy scripts drove out through the Fiveways gates in Newry. Driven by Gemma’s proud father John, the world's first McCartan’s Pharmacy scripts were ready to hit the road.


Expansion Begins

The expansion into a second unit marked the beginning of a new chapter in our history. The refurbished shop featured a completely new design layout, new technologies and extra space provided customers a greater range of products, as well as increasing our capacity for prescriptions and medication.


Award Winning Service! 

We celebrated our inaugural award in 2018 when we achieved the Northern Ireland Independent Community Pharmacy of the Year Award. Taking place in the House of Commons the ceremony celebrates the achievements of community pharmacists and their teams across the United Kingdom.


(More) Award Winning Service!  

We once again celebrated in 2019 when we achieved the eHealth and Innovation in Pharmacy Practice Award. The award recognises outstanding patient care through innovations in pharmacy practices.


Covid Strikes, McCartan’s Innovates 

Amidst the turmoil of COVID-19, we were determined to stand tall as a beacon of strength for the community. Adapting to the changing regulations to efficiently deliver patient’s prescriptions, safeguard their well-being and provide unwavering support at the toughest times.


Covid continues, McCartan’s does too

As the turmoil of COVID-19 continued, we remained extremely grateful to the amazing community of patients, loyal customers and local businesses who supported us as we continued adapting to the changing regulations.