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Hugo Boss Man EDT

Hugo Boss Man EDT

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Hugo Boss Hugo Man Eau De Toilette 75ml

Hugo Boss Hugo Man Eau de Toilette is a lush and indulgent daytime fragrance for men.  An aftershave for the man not constrained by rules, who lives life on his own terms.  This is a boldly confident fragrance for the contemporary make who is not afraid of showing his sensual and sensitive side.

Hugo Man opens with fresh basil and the sensual aroma of lavender blended with the sparkling coolness of mint and luscious grapefruit and green apple.  The aromatic sage and geranium heart is complemented by exotic jasmine and the spicy undertones of carnation.  While a distinctly woody masculine base of cedar and patchouli exudes a trail of fresh greeness from aromatic fir.

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Fougere | Launched: 1995

Key Notes:
Top: Lavender, Green Apple, Mint, Grapefruit, Basil
Heart: Carnation, Sage, Geranium, Jasmine
Base: Fir Tree, Cedar and Patchouli

Available in sizes: 40ml, 75ml, 125ml, 200ml | Type: Eau de Toilette | Application: Spray | Gender: Male

How to use:

  • For light intensity: spray in a cloud around your head and shoulders, let the fragrance fall gently around you.
  • For medium intensity: spray in a y-shape across your body, beginning at one shoulder and finishing at the other. If you are wearing jewellery it is a great alternative to spraying your neck.
  • For added intensity: apply perfume directly to your pulse points and / or hot spots (wrist, inner elbow and lower neck). Here the heat of your body will allow the fragrance to reveal its full trail. Include shoulders and back to intensify your perfume trail

Hold the fragrance approx 5 inches away and spray your skin, focusing on pulse points (neck, wrists etc) and/or spray generously in front of you and walk through for a full coverage. Don’t rub the fragrance in, as it will affect the trail.

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