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Tisserand Countdown To Sleep Collection

Tisserand Countdown To Sleep Collection

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Drift off and dream in 3,2,1….

Countdown to the perfect night’s sleep with the ultimate collection of our best-selling Sleep Better blend containing soothing Lavender, warming Sandalwood and calming Jasmine 100% natural pure essential oils.

Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary with this Sleep Better ritual:

Step 1: Begin your countdown ritual with a soothing bath using our nourishing and relaxing Bath Oil, created for minds that struggle to switch off before bedtime.

Step 2: Before getting into bed, generously spritz our award-winning Pillow Mist over your pillow and bed linen to help turn your space into a sleep sanctuary and prepare you for a restful night.

Step 3: Finally, apply our Roller Ball to your pulse points at the temples, neck and wrists or behind the ears. Close your eyes, deeply inhale the aromas, and drift off into the perfect night’s sleep.

The perfect gift for a loved one who needs a little extra help with their bedtime ritual or as a gift for yourself, to help you enjoy more nights of restful sleep. The Countdown to Sleep features handy travel sizes, so now you can have the perfect night’s sleep wherever you go.

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