Gillette Series Shave Gel Sensitive +Aloe

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Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel 200Ml
Cool down your skin with the Gillette Series Soothing Shave Gel with Aloe Vera—it provides complete defence against shaving irritation, helping reduce cuts, redness, burning, stinging and tightness for sensitive skin. Its formula cools down your skin to soothe it while you're shaving. In short: it’s a refreshing & soothing shave. Show the world your best face with Gillette Series Soothing Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin, made for men by the World’s Nr.1 Shave Gel & Foam brand.
COMPLETE IRRITATION DEFENCE: Gillette Series helps protect sensitive skin from the signs of shaving irritation: cuts, burning, stinging, redness and tightnessTHE PROTECTION OF EXTRA LUBRICANTS*: Gillette Series Shave Gel has extra polymer lubrication technology for a comfortable, clean & effortless shave—that means less tugs and pulls *vs Gillette Classic Shave GelFORMULA WITH ALOE VERA: Gillette Series’ Soothing Shave Gel helps shield your sensitive skin from shaving irritationCOOL-TO-SOOTHE: Gillette Series Shave Gel helps reduce burning and irritation with a refreshing formula that cools down to soothe your skin when you're shavingTHE PERFECT ALLIES: Take your shaving up a notch with the full suite of Gillette Series products specifically formulated to help reduce shaving irritation
Pack size: 200ML