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FP Tri Spritz 3 In 1

FP Tri Spritz 3 In 1

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Introducing our updated Tri-Spritz with our classic Geranium and Mandarin fragrance and updated formulation.

New formulation Tri-Spritz multi-functioning anti-oxidant treatment mist has nourishing and reparative properties which hydrate, strengthen and condition the skin, whilst offering an anti-pollutant shield and blue light protection. 

Tri-Spritz is formulated to tackle and target modern-day skincare needs and stresses. A multi-tasking treatment mist, Tri-Spritz is your go-to daily defence.

REPARATIVE: Reparative Coconut Water hydrates skin whilst Chufa Milk with omega-3 moisturises. White Tea and White Nettle with a Lupin seed extract visibly soothe, calm and firm the skin. Free radicals are neutralised whilst Mandarin is anti-bacterial and Geranium tones and tightens.

ANTI-POLLUTION: Peach Flower fights against the oxidated stress induced by pollution. It prevents damage keeping the skin radiant, young and healthy. Makiswell Film acts as a protective barrier to the skin, further protecting it from free radicals.

BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION: Superox-C AF offers blue light protection, protecting skin from oxidated damage, and maintaining the skin’s integrity. This botanical ingredient improves radiance, luminosity and brightness, reducing redness and the appearance of wrinkles. 

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